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Single Zone System

A single zone system with a single thermostat (4, 6, or 8 loops) is used when the heating requirement is uniform throughout the structure. Typical applications: homes, offices, cafeteria, hotel lobbies, gymnasiums, factories, heated warehouses, aircraft hangers, nursing homes, childcare centers, etc.


If the heating requirement is not uniform, such as a living room, garage, basement, sauna/pool room, up to four single zone units may be supplied by the same heat source to meet the heat load and temperature requirements within the structure.


Principles of Operation
When the thermostat temperature drops below set point the circulator is activated. All loops will be supplied in the WarmmFloors heating system. When set point is reached, the controller turns off the circulator and stops flow through the loops.


If an area is heated occasionally, a manual valve may be used to shut of a loop.


The liquid level must be at or above the tank level marking. When liquid level is too low, an audio alarm will sound and disable (protect) the circulator.


System is factory assembled and ready to be wall mounted


Functional Features (or lack thereof)

  • There is no pressure reducing valve
    There is no back flow prevention valve (state code)

  • There is no pressurized expansion tank

  • The entire system is isolated from all other fluid connections

  • Fluid drain and fill valve - used with circulator "on." See Installation Manual.

  • Fluid level can be observed in opaque tank

  • Any leakage limited to the system capacity since there
    is no permanent make up water connection


Primary Loop - Single Zone - First Floor LayoutClick to enlarge

For Commercial and Industrial applications:

Child Care Centers
Hotel Lobbies
Factory Buildings
Heated Warehouses
Aircraft Hangers
Nursing Homes

Principle of Operation
A single heat source may be used to provide the heating for single or multiple levels.

The primary loop temperature may be controlled to limit the energy allocated for each zone.

If any thermostat calls for heat, the respective thermostat will activate the circulator and disperce the heat. If an area needs not to be heated (accupants option) a manual hand valve may be installed to reduce or eliminate heating in the respective area.

Any number of thermostats (zones) may be calling for heat and draw heat from the primary loop until the desired room temperature is reached and maintained.

Heat source:
The heat source is sized for the combined heat load for all zones.
The energy allowed for each may be limited by the heat source temperature that is controlled and proportioned to the outside temperature. The primary loop must me designed to maintain a min flow velocity of 2/sec. to transport any air trapped in the system.

The heat source shall have the following specification:
1 - Expansion Tank
2 - Automatic System Pump for make up water
3 - Liquid Make Up Tank with Low Level shut down and Audio Alarm
4 - Automatic Vent - Terminating into the make up water tank


Last modified: 10/22/2008

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