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WarmmFloors Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Testimonials


"As part of my building service, I have been installing Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating systems for a few years. I have seen your system on your web page and have ordered two single zone units. One for the basement floor and one for the main floor. The Q-Panels were easy to install and my cost was well below my estimate. You guys have done a great job - just what took you so long?"

Bill Werner

Lewell, WY

"We wanted you to know how satisfied we are with your product. My husband and I installed your Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating system into our unfinished basement and also into the finished 1st floor of our home. I can't express enough how pleased we are! During the winter months, areas of our home which were typically cold and/or damp are now warm and dry! Lastly, your support personnel were extremely helpful with both design and installation assistance."

Bill and Ingrid Palecek
Mahtomedi, MN


"Ever since I had your Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating system installed, my house is a home and my allergies are gone. Your service was outstanding. Thank you very much."


Cindy Everwood

Grand Rapids, MI



"This is my first new house and the first time in my life to have an Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating system. I did a lot of shopping around. This is the best on the market. For reason being I did the installing myself. It was work! , but easy to do. Laid the tubing in the basement floor, as well as the garage, then pored the cement over it. For the first floor, I stapled the Q-panels to the side of the joists and hung the tubing in the groove of the Q-panels. It was easy. Then I enclosed it with insulation to keep the heat penetrating up to the first floor. Lastly, the heater and the control panel were installed. They work like a charm! Now there is no dust blowing around, my feet are warm anywhere I go in the house, and no ice on my car in the winter. The biggest benefit, this type of heating system pays for itself! (In a few years)."


Peter Brehm

Hartland, WI


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