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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Low Cost      Simple Installation      Excellent Performance

Radiant Floor Heating, Mother with Child

Reduce heating bills

   No cold feet

      No noise

         No drafts

            No cold spots

               No dry air

                  No blowing dust

Warm floors for your comfort!


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Warm Floors System Features

Warm Floors Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating systems are factory direct, simple to install and have excellent performance. CITO Products offers design services, heat loss calculations, installation guides and weekly seminars on WarmmFloors products.

Q-Panels Attached to Floor Joists, hugging PEX Tubing Q-Panels Attached to Floor Joists, hugging PEX Tubing Q-Panels attached to floor joists, hugging PEX Tubing
Exhaust Pipes To Outside Purge Tank with Level Audio Alarm
Heat Source with Sealed Combustion Tubing Connection to Manifold Panel
PEX Tubing within Concrete PEX Tubing within Concrete PEX Tubing within Concrete

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Cut heating bills

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Radiant floor heating systems are an excellent way to heat a basement living area. They are quiet, clean and efficient. Most importantly, radiant floor heating systems provide incredibly even heating.

Hydronic Floor Heating Systems utilize flexible tubing filled with heated water. The heated water warms the concrete slab of the basement. The concrete slab then becomes a large radiator that heats the entire basement living area.


  Q-Panels - Radiant Heating Panel



With the invention of the Q-Panel, the Warm Floors Suspended Convection Floor is easy to install and very cost effective. Q-Panels are stapled to the floor joist and the PEX Tubing is snapped into the Q-Panel. With this design, the Q-Panels heat rapidly, promptly changing the room temperature as needed. For more details, please watch the Q-Panel Video.

Radiant Heating Panel, man stapling to floor joist


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U.S. Patent Application No. 11/444.294
Title: Attachable Hydronic Radiating Panel


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