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Suspended Light Weight Concrete


This type of floor is ideal for off peak night time heating, for solar installations and heat pumps since the high thermal mass and the direct heat transfer allows for low water temperature operation.


With suspended poured floors additional bearing loads and the concrete height  must be accommodated for. At a 2" depth the weights are:


Type of Material

Weight at 2"
per sq. ft.
Specific Heat
Btu / (lb
F) at 85
'K' Factor
Btu / (h
ft2 F)
Concrete 25 lbs. .200  
Lightweight concrete 19 lbs.    
Gyp-Crete 17 lbs. .223 4.75

The recommended installation procedure:

  • Sweep (vacuum if possible) floor surface
  • Snap chalk lines according to tubing layout
  • Place 6 mil polyethylene vapor barrier on floor
  • Place Lift Clips on center of chalk line, in the direction of the tubing layout and staple both tabs using the WF-1500 Air Staple Gun
  • Snap tubing in place according to design
  • Pouring 2" of fine aggregate concrete

A concrete floor is recommended for best heat retention and heat transfer. Many attractive colors and pattern are available.


Any floor covering can be used as desired, however, the best performance can be achieved with concrete tile, vinyl, and carpet respectively.


Last modified: 10/22/2008

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